Bible Story Map Wall Decal - Peel and Stick

Bible Story Map Wall Decal - Peel and Stick

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Choose from 2 sizes of wall decal. Wall decal is the perfect option to cover a larger space. 
  • Make blank walls interesting
  • Peel and stick for easy installation
  • Removable and repositionable

Step 1

Clean the transfer surface.

Make sure it’s free from dust and grime to prevent the decals from sliding down or not sticking at all.

Step 2

Peel off the edge of the backing and carefully position it against the wall.

If you’re having trouble with alignment, use painter’s tape to keep the decal in place as you peel off the backing.

Step 3

Use a squeegee to press the decal.

It will also help prevent the appearance of unsightly bubbles.


Wall decals can be applied to smooth and slightly textured walls. You can use them on glass or metal and even on curved surfaces like columns and pillars. However, they are less likely to stick on uneven and dirty surfaces.


Other sizes are available upon request.