The Bible Promise Timeline for Kids 8" x 22"


  • An easy to understand Bible Timeline for Christians from the Garden or Eden to Heaven
  • Illustration that tells the story of Creation, The Fall, Salvation & Eternity
  • Includes some prophesies that have happened and are still to come
  • Shows how Jesus came to save us and is the only way to heaven.
  • This posters helps you see the main stories in the Bible as a whole.
  • Perfect for Sunday School Classrooms
  • Based on John 3:16 in the Bible, this poster summarizes the 4 main events in the bible all in one picture. First God created the Garden of Eden, then Sin entered the world and we are separated from God, next Jesus came to teach us the way and die for our sins, lastly we have the choice to accept Jesus' gift and spend Eternity in Heaven or suffer the consequences of hell. In this visual, the river and the people in it represents life. From the Artist: I drew this picture after studying Revelations. When you visualize the Bible as one big story that fits together, it makes so much more sense. I hope that you can gain a better understanding of the Bible by looking at 'The Bible Promise'.
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